Business model

Different products and services are generated (output) in the four business units. The value creation process is based on six forms of capital (input), which the airport uses to generate new values (outcome).

Forms of capital

Select a type of capital to discover our 2021 value creation.


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    • Cash and cash equivalents

      €77.7 million

    • Loan portfolio

      €2,322.2 million

    • Equity

      €2,065.0 million

    • Buildings

      Terminals, office/technical buildings, parking structures, Munich Airport Center, hotels, logistics centers

    • Open spaces

      Commercial/industrial and green spaces, two runways, aprons

    • Transport links

      Autobahn access, S-Bahn, regional and long-distance bus links, regional train connection.

    • Qualification

      In-house professional development center «Airport Academy»

    • Off-campus

      International management, consultancy and training services

    • Quality/innovation

      InnovationPilot, rating by air travelers

    • Employees

      8,693 employees in the Group (excluding apprentices, part-time employees, temporary workers, interns)

    • Employer

      Personnel expenses of €419.1 million in the Group

    • Training/personnel development

      20 formal vocational training tracks and dual vocational training and academic study programs

    • Stakeholders

      Various dialogue platforms (e.g. website, social media), dialogue at European, federal, and state level and in Munich

    • Value creation

      Location factor for attracting companies to the region, retaining and building economic relationships.

    • Community engagement

      Regional office, airport association

    • Climate protection

      Program to reduce emissions (CO2 and others)

    • Resources

      Waste avoidance, increased recycling and closing of material cycles, efficient water management

    • Noise protection

      Strict night-flight curfew, aircraft noise monitoring at 16 fixed stations, additional voluntary mobile measurements


    • Safeguarding liquidity through in-depth liquidity management and creation of additional financial flexibility
    • Continuation of strict cost management in the areas of expenses and capital expenditure
    • Continuation of the »Restart« program
    • Continuation of construction work on two office buildings on the LabCampus
    • Runway rehabilitation
    • Completion of the rail tunnel for the Erding Ringschluss
    • Focus on digital methods of learning and teaching in the Airport Academy
    • 31 active international projects
    • Implementation of effective hygiene and safety measures
    • Continuation of measures from the «Restart» program to boost efficiency and adjust personnel capacity
    • Continuation of short-time work and implementation of initial measures from emergency collective agreement, voluntary programs
    • Offer of employment to all apprentices
    • 12 individual measures and investment of a further €550,000 in climate protection
    • Treatment of de-icing agents and increased use of industrial water instead of drinking water
    • Increase in noise-based landing fees
    • Ongoing provision of public information through media relations work
    • Neighborhood Advisory Council, exchange on «Inside Airport – digital»
    • Procurement of diverse products and services
    • Support for projects in the region in the areas of sports, social affairs, education, culture, and nature

Outcome short-term

    • Cash and cash equivalents

      €51.9 million

    • Loan portfolio

      €2,600.8 million

    • Equity

      €1,815.2 million

    • Buildings

      Opening of the first office building on the LabCampus expected mid 2022

    • Open spaces

      Modernization and maintenance of infrastructure

    • Transport links

      Improvement of road and rail accessibility

    • Qualification

      27,400 participants in web-based training courses

    • Off-campus

      Expansion of in-house consulting expertise

    • Quality/innovation

      • Only 5-star airport in the EU
      • ACI World certificate for commitment against the spread of the pandemic
    • Employees

      Structural, organizational, and personnel realignment of the company

    • Employer

      500 early retirement contracts at FMG and AeroGround

    • Training/personnel development

      247 apprentices in the Group

    • Climate protection

      Decrease in CO2 emissions to 78,340 t

    • Resources

      Recycling rate of the glycol contained in the deicing agent at around 60 percent

    • Noise protection

      Utilization of the permissible noise volume at night only 14 percent

    • Stakeholders

      Transparency on airport issues

    • Value creation

      • €468 million (net) procurement volume
      • Decline in gross value added due to pandemic-related decrease in traffic
    • Community engagement

      700 members in the Airport Association

Outcome long-term

    • Ensuring liquidity in subsequent years
    • Stabilizing the equity ratio
    • Future economic recovery depends on further development of the pandemic
    • Enhanced mobility on- and off-campus for employees and air travelers
    • Positioning as an innovation location with efficient connections to long-distance rail passenger services
    • Global networking of Bavaria as a business location
    • Increased expertise among employees
    • Increased efficiency through process optimization
    • Enhanced amenities through quality initiative
    • Value-creating growth off-site
    • Further development of corporate culture and leadership culture
    • Greater diversity by offering a nondiscriminatory work environment and commitment to the «Charta der Vielfalt»
    • Securing qualified employment in the region
    • Carbon-neutrality by 2030
    • Use of natural resources, e.g. through more photovoltaic systems
    • Sustainable mobility: more electric vehicles in the fleet, alternative drive concepts
    • Perception as a corporate citizen through social commitment
    • Purchase of goods and services as well as tax payments and social security contributions ensure prosperity in the region and beyond
    • Promotion of tourism as an essential economic factor in Bavaria

Our business units

Select a business unit for more information.

  • Aviation

    is our traditional core business and covers all services related to the correct handling of air travel at Munich Airport. This business unit provides and markets the infrastructure and services for airline customers and air travelers.

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  • Commercial Activities

    markets the commercial space at the airport and is responsible for services having to do with parking, serving advertising partners, and the event business. The Group subsidiaries Allresto and eurotrade provide the products and culinary offerings as lessees and franchisees.

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  • Real Estate

    develops, operates, and markets all of the airport’s property and real estate, some of which is located outside the airport campus. The portfolio includes maintaining existing properties and acquiring new land for future expansion activities as well as responsibility for the real estate strategy.

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  • Participations, Services & External Business

    provides landside and airside services related to aircraft, passenger and cargo handling, screening and security services, as well as relocation, management and terminal operation services (ORAT) at airports worldwide.

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Blue euro sign (icon)

Solid funding forms the basis for Munich Airport’s long-term earnings power, profitability, and financial stability.


Purple airport tower (icon)

The wide range of services offered by Munich Airport is reliant on building and transport infrastructure that works and that taps into and makes the most of existing space.


Light green bulb (icon)

Munich Airport has acquired great deal of expertise – from technical, process-based, and organizational knowledge called upon in consultancy projects worldwide; through to copyrights for airport software.


Employees facts and figures (info gaphic)

Employees are critical for the success of a company. Consequently, the airport is particularly diligent about meeting its obligations as an employer.


Dark grey tree (icon)

As the operator of a major piece of infrastructure, Munich Airport is aware of its responsibility to the environment. The aim is to keep its impact on nature and the environment to a minimum.


2 light grey speaking bubbles (icon)

Good cooperation with the region is essential if Munich Airport is to succeed, with open and honest dialog with the surrounding communities playing a key role.

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